The Apprentice comes to Chiswick

Image above: BBC’s The Apprentice, Series 18, Episode 10 – Vegan Alternative to Cheese; Contestants arriving at Chiswick House; image BBC iPlayer

‘Cheese-wick’ catches Lord Sugar’s attention

The Apprentice came to Chiswick this week – Series 18, Episode 10 available to watch here: The Apprentice

When woken up at 5am to be told where they would be going to be given their task, one of the seven entrepreneurs battling it out to be Alan Sugar’s new business partner asked: ”What’s Chiswick?”

That would have been an instant “you’re fired” right there as far as the good people of Chiswick were concerned.

The contestants gathered at Chiswick House to hear Lord Sugar’s explanation of the task:

“This historic villa dates back to the 18th century, but for hundreds of years before that this area had been known as ‘Cheese-wick’ – Old English for ‘cheese farm’, and it is still home to a monthly cheese market.

“There are 88 million vegans worldwide. The global non-dairy cheese market is seeing remarkable growth. With that in mind, I want you to create a vegan alternative.”

Image above: The Apprentice contestants meet Lord Sugar at Chiswick House to hear their task; image from BBC iPlayer – The Apprentice Series 18, Episode 10 – Vegan Alternative to Cheese

“We could get it so wrong”

And off they scurried, one team to develop ‘Scrumptious Spreads’, with their truffle inspired vegan cheese, the other to develop ‘Big Softie’, a curry flavoured product, which the food retailers didn’t much like the look of.

Rachel, the project manager of the curry flavoured cheese did say: “we could get it so wrong.” It was meant to be “exotic”.

Five of the contestants go on to the next round, having suffered the ritual humiliation of having their decisions and abilities torn apart in public. But neither of those cheeses will be making an appearance at Chiswick Cheese Market.

Image above: BBC’s The Apprentice, Series 18, Episode 10 – Vegan Alternative to Cheese

Reacting to the news that Cheese-wick had caught the attention of Lord Sugar and The Apprentice production team, the organisers of the Chiswick Cheese Market told The Chiswick Calendar:

“We are all fired up about Boss Sugar’s shout out in recognition that our market has brought cheese, including vegan cheese, back home to Cheesewick.

“Thrilled that in under three years we have established the Chiswick Cheese Market as an entity solid enough to be mentioned on National TV.  We hope that this will bring even more visitors to the markets who will discover how gorgeous Chiswick is and come back again and again.”

Next Cheese Market Sunday 21 April in the Old Market Place, opposite Waterstones on Chiswick High Rd.

Image above: Chiswick Cheese Market; photograph David Insull

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