The Arts Society Chiswick

The Arts Society, Chiswick is one of 26 Arts Societies in Greater London, and 385 across the UK and continental Europe, with sister organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The aim is ‘to bring people together through a shared curiosity for the arts’. Members enjoy their shared passion for the arts at lectures and on cultural trips, but they also work as volunteers on heritage conservation projects, recording church art and artefacts and in a variety of educational and grant programmes involving young people.


The Arts Society, Chiswick has a programme of lectures throughout the year on the second Thursday of every month (except August and December) in the Malinova Room at The Polish Centre (POSK), 238-246 King Street, Hammersmith W6 0RF. Lectures start at 8.00pm, bar opens at 7.00pm.


9 January 2020 – The Genius of Beethoven

13 February 2020 – The Field of Cloth of Gold

12 March 2020 – 150 Years of London Underground Design

2 April 2020 – Raphael: a Master in the Making (2020 marks 500th Anniversary of his death)

14 May 2020 – The Other Side: Counter Memorials – Germany’s post-WWII Culture of Apology & Atonement

11 June 2020 – From Garbo to Garland – the magical art of Hollywood

9 July 2020 – Turner vs Constable: the great British paint-off

17 September 2020 – Mr Barry’s War: rebuilding the Houses of Parliament

8 October 2020 – Art Transported: How did it get here from where it was made? Who owned it before?

12 November 2020 – Pompeii: Digging Deeper with the Muddy Archaeologist

To find out how to join, go to the society’s website. Or to go to a particular lecture, non-members are welcome, just turn up and pay £10.00 on the door.