The Barbie Effect on Chiswick clothes shopping

Tips for incorporating pink into your wardrobe

Guest blog by Sandy Lancaster

Pink is more than just a colour – The Barbie Effect refers to the impact of the iconic doll, Barbie, on societal perceptions of femininity, beauty and the association of the colour pink with girls and women.

Barbie, first introduced in 1959, has become such a cultural icon, influencing not only the toy industry but also shaping societal norms around gender, age and appearance.

The much-anticipated release of the new Barbie film has led to an explosion of pink-themed clothing and accessories in shops.

The current trend and the films theme invites everyone to rethink their preconceptions about pink and embrace its potential for adding a touch of fun and sophistication to their wardrobe, regardless of age or gender.

Here are a few tips for introducing this versatile colour into your wardrobe without feeling like you’re veering into “Barbiecore” territory

Images above: Framed hand-painted gold leaf glass sign from The Old Cinema; Dewi dress from Arifah Studio; Paige Anessa jeans from Damsel; Ancient columns pink throwover from Greige

Focus on a statement piece and balance it with neutrals

Consider selecting a single standout pink piece as the centrepiece of your look, such as a well-tailored blazer, sleek trousers or an elegant dress. Try pairing it with neutral colours to keep your outfit sophisticated and balanced. Pink pairs exceptionally well with navy, white, beige or grey. Combining a pink blouse with a navy blazer or wearing a pink dress with nude heels can create a chic and polished look.

Images above: Bukela heels from Wild Swans; Gold hoop with pink / red heart from Cherry River JewelleryPair of Indian Ruby Zoisite & Labradorite Earrings from The Old CinemaIndian Pink Tourmaline & Gold Leaf Necklace from The Old Cinema

Play with textures and fabrics:

By adding in texture and varying fabrics in pink, such as silk, cashmere or lace, you can add depth and visual interest to your outfit. Layering different materials lends a luxurious and elegant touch to your ensemble.

Choose refined accessories to add a dash of pink:

Try introducing pink into your wardrobe through accessories for a more subtle look. A stylish pink handbag, elegant silk scarf or statement jewellery piece can add a dash of colour and sophistication to your outfit without feeling too bold or overpowering.

Images above: Poppyfield Clavel Dress – Safari Pink from DamselPyrus Devi Maxi Dress – Pink Animal from DamselNumicke LS Top – Begonia Pink from Damsel; Stripe knitted wool sweater from Whistles

Combine with complementary colours:

Wear soft pinks with soft blues, or balance more vibrant or brighter pinks with purples or greens. Using complementary colours will give your outfit a cohesive and elevated look.

Prioritise silhouette and structure:

Focus on the silhouettes and structure that flatter your body and highlight your personal style to achieve a sophisticated look. Opt for tailored cuts or more classic shapes, with quality fabrics.

Images above: Anni Lu earrings from Wild Swans; Strip and Stare sweatshirt from DamselFabienne Chapot Archana Dress – Pink from Damsel; Irish Linen Gibson Blazer from Jigsaw

Play with patterns:

Wearing pink in patterns, such as florals or stripes, can make it more accessible. Mixing pink with other colours in a pattern can create a balanced and visually appealing outfit.

Experiment with different shades:

Pink comes in a vast array of shades, from the archetypal Barbie Bubblegum pink through softer pastels or bold magentas, even to warmer corals. You can opt for deeper, richer shades of pink or explore the softer tones for a more sophisticated look.

Images above: Pink Floral One Shoulder Top from Mint VelvetAelya Pink Trianglular Mini Crossbody Bag from Oliver BonasCrossover Pink Leather Sandals from Oliver Bonas; Leggings in Happy Pink from Sweaty Betty

Wear it as a lipcolour:

Wearing a great pink or coral lipcolour can brighten your eyes and clear your skin and is a relatively inexpensive way to ride the Barbie wave…think of it more as a toe in the water!

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