The Black Brothers, Shay and Michael, are performing on St Patrick’s day.

They’re part of the musical Black Family, which also includes Mary, Frances and Martin, and has been described as “one of the most important musical clans in Ireland”. One of the two gigs at 11am Pacific (early evening our time), is clearly aimed at a European audience. One “pay what you can” donation (minimum $10) secures you tickets to both, although you’re unlikely to attend the second one, as it’s after midnight UK time. And yes, I’ve checked, and you CAN pay with a UK credit card.  You can expect a rip roaring set from Shay and Michael. The set list and lyrics are available on their website.

Because the US seems to have entered Daylight Savings last weekend, it looks as if California will be seven hours behind us, rather than the usual eight (at least until our clocks go forward later this month). But maths was never my strong suit – so check if you book!


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