The Butterflies are being evicted

Image above: Steve Nutt at the unveiling of the Butterflies and Flowers mural, October 2021

Leaving their home after almost a year

The butterflies’ days are numbered. The community artwork organised by Abundance London went up in October last year when the police station was in the process of being sold off.

Months of negotiation with the Metropolitan Police should have ensured a smooth installation but in classic ‘left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing’ style, they forgot to tell the handful of police who were still working in the building.

“Stop that at once” came the commanding tone from an upstairs window as Steve Nutt started drilling. It took some persuading for him to avoid being nicked for criminal damage.

Then two weeks later they received a phone call from the property department of the Met saying they had to take it down. Someone evidently decided it might not be conducive to sales to have a community artwork in situ.

They hung in there, giving great satisfaction to the many children and adults who painted and varnished a flower or a butterfly, who saw their contribution on the wall every time they passed by.

The building has now been sold for development as flats for older people and Abundance has been told, as they always expected, the art work will have to come down now the new owners want to start work, in September.

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