The Chiswick Calendar 2019 general election debate

The Brentford & Isleworth candidates have been hard at it, appearing at two hustings in Chiswick last week, as well as appearances in other parts of the constituency. There was standing room only  at The Chiswick Calendar’s event, chaired by veteran political journalist Peter Oborne.

The Boston Room erupted with laughter when he asked Conservative candidate Seena Shah: ‘Are you proud of Boris?’ Her answer was priceless.

It makes me laugh every time I watch it. Her comment was picked up by the Mirror and the Evening Standard, desperate for a bit of light relief in this acrimonious campaign. We also had a German film crew there, who are following Peter around.

He quizzed Labour candidate Ruth Cadbury and Liberal Democrat Helen Cross also on whose leader was the greatest  liability, in a wide ranging debate covering Brexit, the NHS, crime, climate change and the expansion of Heathrow, the economy and what to do about our ailing High streets.

Watch the full debate, or move the cursor along to the relevant timecode for the different topics discussed. Thanks to Peter for chairing the event superbly, to Nick Raikes, James Willcocks, John Dale and Andrea Carnevali for filming it and special thanks for Andrea for editing it as well.


Brexit 02.50

NHS 27.00

Crime 47.30

Heathrow / Climate Change 55.15

Economy 1.03.00

High Street regeneration 1.13.00

Whose leader is the greatest liability 1.21.55

Audience questions 1.27.30

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