Media Club – Jo Coburn interviews Gina Miller

Gina Miller took the Government to court in 2016 to challenge its authority to issue Article 50, setting a date for us the leave the EU, by royal prerogative. The High Court, backed up by the Supreme Court, ruled that parliament had to legislate before Article 50 could be triggered. She said at the time it was not the idea of Brexit that filled her with dread but the idea of an unchallenged, unanswerable government taking us back to 1610 “and ripping a hole through our democratic structures.”

The next few days will be critical for Brexit. With both main parties split, the DUP threatening to pull the rug from under Theresa May and senior Tories threatening to resign, we could easily be headed for another general election before Christmas.

What better time to hear Gina Miller in conversation with the BBC’s politics presenter Jo Coburn?

7.30pm on Tuesday 4th December. Ticket details in next week’s newsletter. Priority will be given to people who have signed up to our Media Club subscribers list.

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