The Chiswick Calendar’s spring art exhibition 2024

Image above: Diving Deep, acrylic on paper – Jill Meager

Showcasing Chiswick’s richly talented artists and photographers

The Chiswick Calendar is holding a spring art exhibition at the Clayton Hotel on Chiswick High Rd. Opening on Monday 26 February and continuing until Saturday 20 April, the exhibition will show the work of artists and photographers who live locally.

The work is hung in the atrium of the hotel, which is open to the public all the time, so pop in and have a look whenever suits you and have a coffee in the Clayton Hotel’s bar.

Artists taking part

Here are the artists and photographers taking part, in alphabetical order:

Anna Kunst, Arabella Harcourt-Cooze, Celia Pickering, Frank Noon, Hamish Pringle, Isobel Johnstone, Jane Price, Jennifer Abbott, Jennifer Griffiths, Jill Meager, Ljubima Woods, Madeleine Marsh, Naila Hazell, Peter Thornborough, Rennie Pilgrem, Sally Grumbridge, Sarah Granville

Image above: Virginia Water in autumn, photograph by Anna Kunst

Anna Kunst

Anna Kunst is a professional photographer who lives and works in Chiswick, doing portrait, wedding and corporate photography professionally and art  photography for pleasure.

Image above: Threatening Storm, a view of Barnes from across the river at Chiswick; oil on canvas, by Arabella Harcourt-Cooze

Arabella Harcourt-Cooze

Arabella Harcourt-Cooze is a landscape artist “obsessed by water, seas, rivers and above all The Thames.” She catches the light on the water during all seasons along our stretch of river from Kew Bridge to Hammersmith, working largely in oil on canvas.

Image above: All along the Strand; Celia Pickering

Celia Martine Pickering

Celia is an artist, self-taught, and an independent art teacher.

“My love for art has been with me for as long as I can remember, but it was in 2020 when I began my professional artistic journey. My paintings are inspired by Mid Century style and the natural world, with each piece reflecting my deep appreciation for beauty and my unique perspective on life.”

Image above: Elephants in Namibia; Frank Noon

Frank Noon

Frank is a professional photographer who travels the world doing corporate work. The photographs he is showing in this exhibition are from a trip to Namibia.

Image above: Beach walkers, Quintet, mixed media; Hamish Pringle

Hamish Pringle

After 40 years in advertising Hamish embarked on a second career as an artist, graduating in July 2020 as a Master of Fine Arts from Wimbledon/UAL. For this exhibition he is showing a series of images in mixed media of people walking on the beach.

“I’m interested in attrition and how it affects nature, society, relationships, and language. I watch people walking and talking on sand exposed at low tide. Their interactions affect each other in myriad ways. Things have changed by the ends of their walks. A process of social attrition. Then the tide comes in and erases their traces. The beach is a giant piece of sandpaper.”

Image above: Hyacinths and fruit; Isobel Johnstone

Isobel Johnstone

Isobel Johnstone for many years ran the Arts Council Collection at the Hayward Gallery, South Bank Centre. Since leaving that job she has been able to focus on her own creativity, producing paintings, drawings, pastels and prints.

Image above: Big Skies 4; Jane Price

Jane Price

Jane Price uses mainly acrylics on canvas: “my process is quick & deliberate, in the hope of capturing a sense of energy & movement.” Her work is shown in several galleries and has been selected & shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition.

Image above: Jug with hydrangeas and agapanthus, acrylic on canvas; Jennifer Abbott

Jennifer Abbott

After art school Jennifer followed a career in advertising, as an art director and then as a designer. She has sold her flower and fruit images as cards and prints throughout Europe and North America, as well as showing them in galleries such as the Mall Galleries in London and Galerie d’Orsay in Paris.

Image above: Queens House in Greenwich; photograph Jennifer Griffiths

Jennifer Griffiths

Jennifer Griffiths is a natural photographer whose lovely pictures of Chiswick and its environs can be seen on The Chiswick Calendar website.

Image above: Diving Deep, acrylic on paper – Jill Meager

Jill Meager

Jill trained at Cambridge University and Putney School of Art and Design. Raised in rural Scotland, Jill works in response to wildlife and the wild locations she finds herself in, both on land and at sea. She is represented by the BobCat Gallery, Ashburn Gallery and Darryl Nantais Gallery.

Image above: Kew Railway Bridge; Ljubima Woods

Ljubima Woods

Ljubima Woods is an award-winning photographer for whom taking pictures is a relatively new skill, becoming her passion over the past five years. “I love documenting life in all its aspects” she says.

Image above: Madlark Crab; Madeleine Marsh

Madeleine Marsh

Madeleine Marsh is a sculptor, jeweller and mudlarker. She uses finds beachcombed from Thames and canals of London, transforming them into unique creations. Other sculptures celebrate the history of art and often have a sense of humour. Her work can be found in collections across the world.

Image above: Window to Window, oil on canvas; Naila Hazell

Naila Hazell

Naila Hazell is the RSA Winner of Lyon & Turnbull Award 2021. Her speciality is portraits, often painting people in busy London bars and markets. Growing up in Baku, Azerbaijan, she was taught by renowned Soviet social realism painter Boyuk agha Mirzezade for her MA at the Azerbaijani Fine Arts Academy.

Image above: Under the Climbing Tree, Acrylic on canvas; Peter Thornborough

Peter Thornborough

Brought up in Australia, Peter studied fine art painting at East Sydney College of Art. He exhibited in Sydney, before becoming an animator, and then an Art Director in the advertising industry, settling in London in the mid-70s. He has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Image above: Tierra Del Fondo, Limited edition original Giclee print on archival paper; Rennie Pilgrem

Rennie Pilgrem

Rennie has an award-winning career as an international DJ and dance music producer. For the last decade he has been also making contemporary art. His work is shown in galleries in London and Europe and collected internationally.

Image above: Gemini the Twins, part of the Zodiac series by Sally Grumbridge

Sally Grumbridge

Sally Grumbridge is a painter and printmaker. Her work encompasses cultural, historical and personal themes. She teaches printmaking locally and exhibits regularly in London, the UK and abroad. She has a BA in Public Art and studied printmaking at UAL.

Image above: West; Sarah Granville

Sarah Granville

Sarah Granville is a London based artist whose work draws on her background in architecture. Her paintings and prints have been exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists, Chelsea Arts Society, Royal Academy (Summer Exhibitions 2019, 2018, 2013), and Bankside Gallery. She is a member of Riverside Artists Group, and an Associate Member of The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers.

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