The Gunnersbury Pub to host election night party

Images: The Gunnersbury Pub

Count Binface themed event 

The Gunnersbury Pub is planning to hold an election night party when polls close after the 2024 General Election on 4 July. The pub will stay open late so punters can watch the election coverage in company. The event is being organised by residents from the surrounding streets.

“This is going to be a monumental political event… I stayed up all night to watch Tony Blair and his landslide and I thought this time I wanted to make sure everyone is around to watch it” organiser Ed Saper told The Chiswick Calendar.

The residents of Silver Crescent and Thorney Hedge Rd are famed for their street parties, but what about those neighbours who didn’t vote for the winner – how will they feel? We asked him.

To neutralise any possible conflict and to make people from all political persuasions feel welcome, the viewing party will be themed around the popular satirical candidate Count Binface, Ed told us. The event will include a quiz, other as yet undecided ‘political themed’ games, drinking games, and cardboard cutouts of the party leaders for party goers to pose with.

Image: Count Binface; BBC image

“He’s got some great policies, to be fair. We’re getting in some Count Binface merchandise to give away, but it’s open to everyone who wants to watch the results.”

Count Binface, created by the British comedian Jonathan David Harvey, has stood in various elections since 2018 including London’s most recent Mayoral election in 2024, in which he received more votes than the far-right Britain First candidate.

He stood against former Prime Minsters Theresa May in 2017 and Boris Johnson in 2019, and is continuing his tradition of challenging sitting Prime Ministers by standing in the newly formed constituency of Richmond and Northallerton against the current Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak.

Some of the Count’s policies during the London Mayoral Election included compelling Thames Water bosses to take a dip in the River Thames – which has seen unprecedented sewage discharges from the water company in recent years; granting listed status to Claudia Winkleman’s iconic fringe; and instituting controls on the price of a croissant in London (strictly capped at £1.10). He has yet to release his hotly anticipated 2024 manifesto for the general election.

After waiting for the BBC’s exit poll just after 10pm, which is famously accurate at predicting the overall results after a general election, television screens in the pub will likely be tuned into Sky News, as Sky’s Home Editor lives locally and has hinted at visiting the pub with a camera crew in search of celebratory scenes, should the Conservatives lose by a significant margin.

Fifty people have already confirmed their attendance and the pub’s management has applied for a late licence to sell alcohol until 2am. You do not need to make a reservation.

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