The Junkyard Market comes to Chiswick

Image above: Junkyard Market (not in Chiswick)

Chiswick is getting a Shoreditch style food and drink venue, with street food, vegan beer and cocktails, served from shipping containers redesigned as bars, and a bit of background music out in the open air.

The ‘Junkyard Market’ is so-called because it is defined by the furniture: in this case three recycled containers and the tables and chairs made from recycled tyres, and the location: somewhere previously industrial, not an existing restaurant or entertainment venue.

The concept has been tried out successfully in east London, but for the particular company running the Junkyard Market, it’s the first one in London. They have two other markets, in Ipswich and Norwich and after they open in Chiswick they plan to rollout more over the summer, in Oxford, Cambridge and on the beach in Bournemouth.

“We’re really excited to bring it to Chiswick” founder of After Dark Promotions, Michael Femi-Ola told The Chiswick Calendar.

The venue is behind Power Road Studios, which he describes as “a cool company committed to promoting start-ups”, in Power Rd. As we talked, the shipping containers were arriving and they were poised to start the build.

“Chiswick is a lovely area and up and coming in terms of the companies which are here” he told me enthusiastically. “There are a lot of young families in Chiswick and young people staying at home maybe longer than they would have done before the pandemic. They are exactly our demographic”.

Images above: Pop dog; Jubel beer; The Mac Factory Mac ‘n Cheese

The first of the container / bars will be offering Redemption coffee, using beans from ‘the world’s first prison-based coffee company’, as well as smoothies and other soft drinks. The second is dedicated to the production of cocktails. The third will be selling beer from Jubel, whose usp is vegan, gluten free craft lagers cut with natural fruits such as elderflower, grapefruit and peach.

Then there are the street food traders, 50% local and 50% not, which will include The Mac Factory, selling ‘gourmet Mac ‘n Cheese’ and Pop Dogs, selling vegan hot dogs.

The company is new, having started in 2020 during lockdown. Michael is an events organiser who, while twiddling his thumbs during lockdown, wanted to come up with a way for young people and families to be able to socialise despite the pandemic and also to offer work to local contractors. The first Junkyard Market opened in Norwich in August 2020. By the end of summer 2021 they plan to have scaled up to ten venues.

In Chiswick they’re here for seven weekends, starting on Friday 30 April, and if the market proves popular, they’ll apply for a longer term licence. Open Fridays 5.00 – 10.00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 12.00 – 10.00 pm.

When they started they didn’t sell tickets but found that although they were popular, because it was free there was a percentage of no-shows, while other people who would have liked tickets found they couldn’t get in. So now they charge a deposit to book a table, which is immediately refunded when you turn up. £10 deposit for a two seater. £20 for a four to six seater.

Book tickets here:

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