The Reopening of Restaurants and Cafes in Chiswick

Images above: Cakes and salads at Chateau

by Alex Hopgood

Since the Lockdown began, we have all been denied the pleasure of enjoying the meals and drinks that Chiswick has to offer, sitting relaxing in the restaurants pubs and cafes, but thankfully our abstinence need no longer continue. As per the Government guidelines, some are to reopen their doors to customers on Saturday 4 July 2020.

In order to ensure the safety of both customers and staff, new measures are being introduced across the retail sector. In restaurants and pubs customers will be asked to make bookings with a limited number of guests per party. Customers will have their table for a limited time so that restaurants and bars can maintain a high customer turnover. In addition, tables are being placed further apart resulting restaurants and pubs will be operating with a reduced capacity.

Among those opening next Saturday for sit down meals will be Pizza Treat, Tarantella, TOR Thai Bistro, Villa di Geggiano, Laveli’s Bakery and Nikki’s Bakery. All are adhering to social distancing measures by removing tables to increase the distance between customers.

Others opening a bit later include No.197 Chiswick Fire Station, opening on the Tuesday 7 July. Social distancing plastic screens have already been set up; customers will be prohibited from standing at the bar and will instead be seated at their booked tables, seating up to six people.

Annie’s restaurant at Strand on the Green will open on Thursday 16 July. Casa Dino in Devonshire Rd has told The Chiswick Calendar they will be reopening just as soon as they can get produce from their regular suppliers in Italy. Bill’s restaurant chain is opening premises in other parts of London, but not in Chiswick as yet.

Images above: Urban pantry’s avocado smash; Angie’s Little Food Shop salads; Chiswick and rice at Pepper’s Indian restaurant in Fauconberg Rd

Many of Chiswick’s cafes and restaurants have remained open throughout the lockdown period, for takeaways and deliveries. Urban Pantry are doing takeaway brunch boxes, Outsider Tart offer cakes, pastries and American soul food and take orders for bespoke birthday cakes. Hack & Veldt, Angie’s Little Food Shop, Tarantella and The Italians have all been doing takeaway food, as have the Grove Park Deli and Peppers in Fauconberg Rd. Tamp coffee shop in Devonshire Rd has undergone a total refit during the lockdown, so customers can come in off the street, queue and buy their coffee and pastries, and carry on past the counter and out the back in a one-way flow.

Images above: Le Vacherin

Some of Chiswick’s best restaurants are saving themselves till last. Le Vacherin is planning on opening on Wednesday 22 July. This date was chosen as the restaurant wishes to gain greater clarification on social distancing guidelines before reopening due to the ‘ambiguity of advice’ provided. La Trompette say they they may not open until early August.

Images above: La Trompette

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