Restaurant business ‘never tougher’ says Annie’s owner

Annie’s restaurant at Strand on the Green has come of age. Celebrating 18 years this year, the restaurant, with its tasty comfort food and homely decor, has become something of an institution in Chiswick. Those who have discovered the pleasure of eating in its relaxed atmosphere by the river tend to come back again and again.

Lorraine Angliss, its owner, was one of the first to join The Chiswick Calendar’s Club Card scheme (15% off lunch or dinner, Monday – Thursday). A canny businesswoman, she has build up a group of five restaurants since she opened Annie’s, all of them well reviewed and respected; but she says, times have never been harder in the restaurant business.

Lorraine Angliss talked to me about her career, her early days as a rock chick, her restaurants and why femininity has been the key to their success. You can watch the video here.