The Silver Birch celebrate three years in Chiswick

Image above: Michelin star award winning chef Nathan Cornwell at The Silver Birch restaurant

Autumn menu being served, Christmas menu available to book

The Silver Birch restaurant in Chiswick is a fine dining experience which has quietly become very popular in the three years since it opened at 142 Chiswick High Rd.

The hallmarks of its success are there for all to see on the door – the logos of Andy Hayler’s restaurant guide and the Michelin guide.

Andy Hayler wrote in August:

‘Chiswick has a lot of restaurants but not many good ones, so it is nice to see this one on the way up’.

The Michelin guide agrees:

‘Among the numerous eateries on the bustling Chiswick High Street, Silver Birch stands out with its fresh, unfussy dishes that allow wonderful British produce to shine – whether that be meaty smoked eel from Devon, sweet scallops from the Isle of Mull or superb Lancashire fruit.

‘The surroundings are as clean and modern as the food, while the friendly team run the restaurant with genuine warmth.’

More to the point, the punters think the same.

“We get exceptional reviews on Trip Adviser and Google” says owner Tim Price. “99 out of 100 are excellent. It is very important to us that our general diners who come in to eat here want to come back. It’s a bonus if a critic also gives us a good review.”

Nathan Cornwell took over as head chef in March, having previously made his name at The Barn in Lancashire. Under his leadership the menu has completely changed this year and the menu has stepped up, so it is much more of a fine dining experience.

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Images above: From the current menu

Blackberries foraged from Dukes Meadows

The menu is of course seasonal, and the ingredients locally sourced, so it is completely different now than when he started, but rather than launching an autumn menu as such, the changes have been incremental.

The experience starts with snacks – crispy pigs head fitters for example or a tartlet with cured sea trout at the moment. The home-made sourdough foccacia has clearly been made with love. The idea is to hit you with their very best from the outset, making it clear you are in for a culinary experience, not just a meal.

Every dish is complete in itself, showcasing the best of British, both in cooking style and ingredients. There are no side dishes because Nathan has given very careful consideration to the mix of flavours and textures he has put together and frankly, in the nicest possible way, doesn’t want you to mess with it!

On the menu at the moment there is duck ragout, beef tartare, Devon smoked eel and Devon crab as starters. The mains include Shetland cod, Newlyn monkfish, South Downs venison and Yorkshire grouse.

Desserts include: Oakchurch raspberries, lemon verbena mousse, almond, Foraged brambles, sorrel ice cream, méringue, Victoria plums, brown sugar tart, gingerbread.

‘Foraged brambles’? I am always a little sceptical when I see things on a menu like ‘wild’ boar or ‘foraged’ fruit. Really?

Yes, really, restaurant manager Thomas Proden assures me. Every day the kitchen staff sit down to eat together after the lunch service has finished and then in their break before the evening service starts, very often they go off foraging together, he says.

Dukes Meadows alongside the river is great for finding blackberries, damsons and elderberries in season, and that’s what you see on your plate later.

The Silver Birch is now taking bookings for the Christmas season (closed on Christmas Day itself). Fine dining they may be, but not too posh to offer our Club Card holders a discount. They are a neighbourhood restaurant and want to encourage the locals to come.

See their current offer here: The Silver Birch Club Card offer.

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