Rabbits eat rare orchids and demolish case for Gatwick

Part of the argument for choosing Heathrow over Gatwick to provide more airport capacity was that, according to the Department of Transport the extra traffic on the M25 would threaten the habitat of rare orchids. 

Another little nugget which has come out of the Judicial Review of the Government’s decision to choose Heathrow is that, according to Jon Ungoed-Thomas’ report in the Sunday Times, the wild orchids in question may have been eaten by rabbits.

Gatwick sent consultants to search for the orchids in July 2017 but found none, and this was their conclusion.

‘James Maurici, who led the case for the government … said “rabbit control” was difficult in the area… The government accepted that grazing rabbits and cows may have led to the flowers’ demise’.

This was published on March 31st. Had it been published a day later I would have thought it was an April fool, but I think it’s for real.