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Padel court hire in Chiswick

Rocks Lane

Hiring Rocks Lane Courts and Pitches
Football, Tennis and Padel Courts can only be booked via the ‘Playtomic’ App. This can be downloaded in the App Store and is available on both iOS and Android.
This is an easy to use booking system for all Rocks Lane Players.

  • Easy booking of courts and pitches
  • Find players to play through the app
  • Join a range of padel and tennis matches, leagues and tournaments through the app
  • The app gives a level/ranking for padel and tennis which can be used to find players of similar ability
  • Add scores from matches and monitor the ranking
  • Find, follow and communicate with all players through the app
  • Split payments for courts and pitches at the point of booking.

Tel: 020 8994 1313
Twitter: @rockslanew4
Instagram: @rockslanepadel @rockslanemultisports
Facebook: Rocks Lane Multisports