Ten Health & Fitness

Award-winning Reformer Pilates, Physio, Massage and Personal training in the heart of Chiswick

Ten Health & Fitness is the result of a happy accident – literally. Founder Joanne Mathews was inspired to create Ten when the Pilates Reformer became an essential part of her recovery after a serious car accident.

Since then, Ten Health & Fitness has become one of London’s premier boutique fitness providers, with a welcoming, inclusive and empowering environment and studios across London.

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Acclaimed for the quality of their small group classes and the expertise of their trainers, Dynamic Reformer Pilates is at the heart of everything they do.

But Pilates is by no means all they offer.

Inspired by Joanne’s experiences after her accident, Ten uniquely bridges the gap between the fitness community and the medical sector. With in-house physiotherapy, massage, personal training and exercise rehabilitation, they’re able to meet clients’ needs at any stage of their journey from injury and rehabilitation through to full functional fitness.

And through their Clinical Exercise programme, they’re able to improve quality of life and clinical outcomes for clients living with life-altering conditions, including menopause, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and long COVID.

Dynamic Reformer Pilates

Think of it as Pilates taken to the next level. So, there’s the same focus on form, control and on a strong and aligned core. And the same benefits for posture, flexibility, mobility, and balance. But Dynamic Pilates goes a step further – it’s an intense and dynamic full-body workout that combines classic Pilates moves with more functional exercises to increase the intensity of the overall movement and deliver greater conditioning and muscle toning benefits.

It’s underpinned by the MoveBetter approach that’s at the heart of everything Ten does– a focus on quality of movement rather than just intensity of effort, that means more emphasis of form, control and alignment, helping you move more effectively and powerfully with less injury risk, and better results from each workout.

Personal Training

Delivered in their fully equipped gyms, personal training at Ten allows clients to choose Gym-based or Reformer-based sessions, or to combine the two. Each session is delivered by expert, experienced and highly qualified Personal Trainers, and underpinned by same MoveBetter approach that characterises everything Ten does.


Ten harnesses the power of Physiotherapy to address the cause rather than just the symptoms of injury or dysfunction, to reduce pain, decrease stiffness and increase mobility, and to help clients return to natural, effective, functional movement and a healthy, happy, pain-free life.

Their expert physiotherapists can help with everything and anything that can impact on your body’s quality of movement and function, whether that’s to do with injury treatment, management and rehabilitation, women’s health and pelvic floor issues, pre or post operative therapy, muscle tightness, joint mobility, postural alignment or performance enhancement.

Sessions are available on a self-paying basis or via all major private health insurance providers.

Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage to support physical and mental health and well-being are widely proven, and include reduced stress and anxiety, faster healing and injury recovery, realigned posture and movement, improved flexibility and not to mention easing sore and tight muscles.

With some of the most experienced and best qualified massage therapists in London, Ten have a wealth of experience treating clients from all walks of life, from international athletes to weekend warriors, from time-poor executives to pre- and post-natal mothers.


TenClinical exists to help maximise quality of life and improve clinical outcomes for clients living with life-changing clinical conditions – including cancer, menopause, heart disease, diabetes, and long COVID amongst them. They do this by providing bespoke, specialist, clinically proven and highly effective physical exercise sessions within a welcoming, inclusive, and empowering boutique environment.

The evidence in support of this kind of exercise during and after treatment is overwhelming. And the benefits, both physical and mental, are huge.

Six-time Tatler Gym Award winners, Ten has been part of the Chiswick community since 2008. You’ll find them at the end of Barley Mow Passage, opposite the Post Office. Ten are also part of The Chiswick Calendar’s Club Card scheme – view their offers here.