Chiswick Brownies, Guides and Rangers (Girlguiding)

Chiswick Brownies are looking for weekly volunteers to lead girl guides locally. They are entirely volunteer run and are offering a variety of different roles and opportunities within their units.

A spokesperson for Chiswick Brownies said: ‘We meet the girls every week in School term times, and as Leaders we facilitate the fun! It’s a true joy helping them learn new things, try different activities and watching them grow. We work in close teams to plan enriching, exciting and challenging terms for the children. If you are interested in developing your leadership skills or working with children and teenagers, this is a great role for you.’

A qualification is available should you wish to formalise your skills to add to your cv or university application. There are adult leaders who are over 18, and young leaders who are under 18. If you are a young leader, you can count your hours for Duke of Edinburgh, if you are doing this, and there is also the Young Leaders Qualification.

If you aren’t so keen to be in a weekly role, you can still offer your support as Chiswick Brownies say they are very flexible! Behind the scenes there are accounts, websites, and relationships with families to maintain and support is always needed to manage them. Fundraising and recruitment opportunities are available too.

What is Girlguiding?

Girlguiding is the collective term for different youth groups for Girls. Girlguides meet in school term times, and below are their regular meeting times. They also have lots of day trips and holidays.


Aged 7-10ish, we have two groups!

Monday: 5.45pm-7.00pm at the Scout Hut, Oxford Road North, London, W4 4DH.

Tuesday: 6.00pm-7.30pm at Chiswick Methodist Church usually (though the Brownies are not a religious group).


Aged 11-14 girls meet from 7.30-9pm on Tuesdays at Chiswick Methodist Church (though the Brownies are not a religious group).


Aged 14-18 girls meet from 7.30-9pm on Tuesday too – in a different room to the Guides. They meet at Chiswick Methodist Church usually too but are not a religious group.

Watch some Brownies in action here:

Skill building, language learning and international travel

‘All our girls will try new things – we can work in groups on skills builder activities like first aid, making their voices heard, and designing inventions. We have tonnes of fun all together with unit meeting activities, from dancing to nature walks, games to crafts.

‘The girls work towards interest badges in their own time, choosing topics and skills they are interested in and exploring everything from languages to space, event planning to mindfulness.

‘We try a variety of different activities and in non-covid times love a trip to the museum, the theatre and water fun days. We have residentials away from home, with camping trips on the horizon. Our Rangers often go farther afield for international trips and camps.’

Contact Chiswick Girlguiding

For further details and to register your interest, please register via the national website:

If you have any questions about local units you can get in touch via:

Telephone: 07411 300 530

See more about Girlguiding

Chiswick Brownies are part of a national charity and a global movement, learn more about what happens here: