Thousands of people vaccinated at Twickenham stadium

Image above: People queueing for vaccinations at Twickenham rugby stadium on Monday

Around 10,000 people were vaccinated at Twickenham Rugby Stadium on Bank Holiday Monday (31 May). As the long queue snaked around the stadium, one person commented that they were longer than the queues for Glastonbury.

Many young people were among those being vaccinated, as organisers LB Hounslow and the local NHS Trust publicised it as a mass vaccination for anyone over the age of 18. Many of them saw the event, called ‘Let’s Tackle Covid’ on social media, and headed down to the stadium on spec. Vaccinations continued until the early evening and organisers said there had been an “amazing” response.

‘Dodged some particularly nasty anti-vaxxers to get in’

Several people commented that they’d had to run the gauntlet of anti vax protesters outside the stadium, which made the experience unexpectedly confrontational. Liz Anderson tweeted:

‘My son texts from Twickenham Stadium that PCorbs (Piers Corbyn) & his anti-vax loons rolled up & are protesting outside the stadium. Imagine that. Apparently they’ve been jeered & boo’d & told to ‘F Off’ in no uncertain terms so bravo to our young people for not taking any of this bullshit’.

Caoimhe Hale tweeted:

‘I got the vaccine today at Twickenham stadium! Dodged some particularly nasty anti-vaxxers to get in, but I’m thrilled! Thank you to all the volunteers who made it accessible for young people to get the vaccine, particularly for me as a Hounslow resident!’

Piers Corbyn evidently had a busy weekend, as he also addressed marchers who briefly took over the Westfield centre in Shepherd’s Bush on Saturday (29 May).

‘A good step back to normality’

Flo Flake-Parsons (24) from Chiswick told the Evening Standard that as a rugby fan it was “quite exciting” to get her jab in a place “where there has been so many happy memories”.

She said that by the time she received her vaccination in the afternoon. there were no queues.

It was “quite a relief” to the get the vaccination, she added:

“It has been a really rubbish time for everyone and this is a good step back towards normality.”

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