Threat to shoot councillors followed up by police

A threat to shoot councillors responsible for the traffic restrictions in Chiswick has been referred to the police by Hounslow Council.

“Ever since the murder of Jo Cox MP, we take this sort of threat very seriously” Leader of Hounslow Council Steve Curran told The Chiswick Calendar. “The Chief Executive has passed it to the police”.

The council were not the only ones to have spotted the threat on Next Door and called the police. A local resident in Chiswick also reported it; the police came round to talk to them about it and told them they took such threats very seriously.

Simon Mabbutt, who stood unsuccessfully as a UKIP candidate in Chiswick Riverside ward in 2014 wrote:

“The council members who agreed this most pathetic changes which has increased pollution, ruined businesses and KILLED PEOPLE RE EMERGENCY VEHICLES NEED SHOOTING. I AM HAPPY TO PULL THE TRIGGER. They are the biggest imbeciles ever.”

Emergency vehicles have found it difficult to get through the traffic on Chiswick High Rd but there is no evidence that this has contributed to anyone’s death.

He followed this with:

“I think it’s time to find out who and where these imbeciles live”.

His comment was answered by Marlene Johnson, suggesting where he could find the councillors’ addresses. Marlene is a company director of a lettings agency based in Chiswick and one of the organisers of the Facebook group One Chiswick.

As a group, One Chiswick themselves prefer not to be identified personally, choosing instead to send out press releases from a ‘One Chiswick’ address and issuing statements from ‘a spokesman’.

Marlene wrote to Steve Curran saying One Chiswick represented ‘all who value democracy’.

Quoting US President-elect Joe Biden, she wrote:

‘ “It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, see each other again, listen to each other again. I’ll work as hard for those who didn’t vote for me as those who did.”

This isn’t happening here and it needs to’.

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