Traffic cameras go live in Grove Park & Fisher’s Lane

7 December, 2020 / by Matt Smith

Images above: an ANPR camera on Grove Park Road, signage on Hartington Road

Traffic cameras have gone live in Grove Park and on Fisher’s Lane. The cameras are enforcing measures which are part of LB Hounslow and LB Ealing’s ‘liveable neighbourhood’ schemes introduced across Chiswick.

Initially, LB Ealing had not been monitoring the restriction to motor traffic along Fisher’s Lane since its implementation at the end of July, but now there is an ANPR (automatic number-plate recognition) camera monitoring the road for motorists who flout the rules.

Images above: northbound travel from Hartington Road is now access only, residents within yellow boxed area will still have northbound access 

Non registered vehicles will be fined

Hartington Road

Hartington Road sees nearly 8,000 vehicles on the average weekday at its busiest point, with two thirds of the traffic heading in a northbound direction. ANPR cameras will now be monitoring the introduction of a northbound access-only restriction along the road, close to the junction on Cavendish Road in order to prevent through-traffic. Northbound access to drivers will still be open to residents via a permit system and vehicles with pre-registered licence plates will still be able to travel in a northbound direction.

Northbound access will be open to all residents covered in the CS and RV controlled parking zones, the area that sits between the river, the London Overground railway line and the National Rail line.

Non-registered vehicles from outside the zone would have to find an alternative route via the A316.

In order to ensure that the traffic from Hartington Road isn’t simply displaced further north, to Staveley Road, a school street is proposed along the A316 and Burlington Lane. This scheme will remove traffic around Chiswick School’s gates at start and end times. This particular closure will coincide with the morning peak time traffic, but not the evening peak. The proposed school street is due to be introduced some time in January.

Southbound travel along Hartington Road and through the zone generally remains unchanged.

The access point at Harvard Hill onto the A4 westbound has also been closed to prevent an increase in through-traffic.

Images above: the blue arrow shows the zone along Strand-on-The-Green and Thames Road – with red circles signifying where the ANPR cameras are located.

Thames Road and Strand-on-The-Green

Another substantial movement of through traffic in the area is east-west journeys along Strand-on-The-Green and Thames Road. There are over 4,000 vehicles using Thames Road on an average weekday. On Average, 60% is through traffic, with drivers passing through the zone from one to the other in less than four minutes.

In response to this, the council has introduced an access-only restriction along Strand-on-The-Green and Thames Road, which stretches from the western end of Strand-on-The-Green to the junction of Grove Park Terrace and Grove Park Road.

This will be monitored by ANPR cameras at the entry and exit point in the zone to penalise any drivers trying to make a through-journey. It is no longer permissible to drive from Chiswick Bridge to Kew Bridge or vice versa, unless you stop and spend time (duration unspecified) there. Vehicles will be timed with a pre-determined limit set to tell whether they are travelling through or not, with penalty charges issued accordingly.

The council says one benefit of having cameras which are all linked-up is residents and businesses do not need to pre-register license plates.

Image above: new signage on Grove Park Road – photo by Andy Murray (The Grove Park Group)

What do residents think?

Residents groups are broadly in favour of the changes, though they say it is too early to tell whether the changes will be successful and say that the council are complicating matters for residents. Richard Griffith, the chairman of the Strand-on-The-Green Residents Association told The Chiswick Calendar:

“SoGA is generally in favour of the traffic measure introduced to deter rat running, however the Council could have been more accommodating to the local residents by grouping the SOTG/RV/CS/FR CPZs into one zonal unit thus giving freedom of movement to the area rather than complicating matters by allowing CS & RV to use Hartington Road northbound but not to have access to Kew Bridge via SOTG in Thames Road and equally SOTG may not have access off the A316 via Hartington Road.”

Andy Murray, of The Grove Park Group, told The Chiswick Calendar:

“Our position has been, for at least the last seven or eight years, that we are concerned about the 8,000 vehicles that have been travelling down Hartington Road and cutting through Grove Park Terrace up to Harvard Hill, and also up Sutton Court Road, and also along Staveley Road.

“The principle of the scheme we very much support, because it’s going to make our neighbourhood safer and healthier. And it’s also going to really dovetail into a reduction of unsafe traffic thundering over Grove Park Bridge, unsafe traffic thundering up Bolton Road and great long queues of fume-belching traffic queuing up at the lights at the A4.

“I think it’s too early to tell though, it’s an integrated scheme. You’ve got your Thames Road camera, your Hartington Road camera, the school street restrictions and the Staveley Road barrier and the partial closure of Harvard Hill.

“All of that fits together, and as explained to us by the traffic department at Hounslow, the principle of the liveable neighbourhood scheme is to reduce substantially the amount of non-Grove Park traffic travelling through Grove Park in both directions daily and to provide and improved environment for walking and cycling.

You could reasonably argue that this is a way of doing it, you may not agree with the way that it’s done, like Sam Hearn (Conservative councillor who lives on Park Rd) does with Staveley Road, but nothing our councillors seem to have proposed addresses the question of 8,000 vehicles daily thundering through Grove Park.”

Liveable neighbourhood YouTube video

Below is a YouTube video from LB Hounslow, which explains the south Chiswick liveable neighbourhood scheme.

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