Traveller group leave Chiswick Back Common

Image above: Travellers’ caravans on Chiswick Back Common on Wednesday 

Unauthorised encampment told to leave by LB Hounslow

A group of Irish Travellers who had set up an encampment close to Turnham Green Terrace have now packed up and left.

The group had set up an unauthorised encampment in the northeastern corner of Chiswick Back Common, close to the entrance of Turnham Green Tube Station.

On Wednesday afternoon (2 August) five caravans, two cars and a van were parked near the footpath between the Rocks Lane Sports Centre and Turnham Green Terrace. Each vehicle was served an eviction notice by LB Hounslow at 10.45am on Wednesday. The notice gave the group 24 hours to leave but they were still there at midday on Thursday. They left shortly afterwards.

One vehicle from the group moved to another part of the common but has now also left. As of Friday afternoon (4 August), no litter or rubbish was left at the site.

The footpath near the railway embankment was not obstructed and people were mostly using it as normal, though on Wednesday some in the group were arguing and swearing loudly which deterred some from continuing their route through the Common. Local residents had reported “worrying behaviour” from the group, including certain people behaving aggressively and joyriding.

Image above: Chiswick Back Common on Friday afternoon (4 August)

Conservative Chiswick Gunnersbury ward Councillor Joanna Biddolph thanked LB Hounslow’s neighbourhood enforcement team for their “vigilance and speed” in dealing with the illegal encampment, “especially as they had several illegal encampments to deal with at the same time”.

Cllr Biddolph added:

“There is a formal legal process that must be followed and it is often the case that travellers will only leave at the last minute, just before they are due in court.

“We were lucky to have a small group on Chiswick Back Common. Other encampments have been much larger. The group in Gunnersbury Park has also now left. I hope our open spaces will now be freely available for all to enjoy but if you see another encampment arriving please email“.