Travellers moved on but rubbish remains

A group of travellers who moved in to the disused car park next to Sainsburys on Essex Place in the early hours of Friday morning have been moved on by the police, leaving behind them mounds of building rubble they brought with them.

A local resident who saw them arrive tipped off Cllr Joanna Biddolph, who reported their arrival to police in Hounslow and owners of the abandoned building site, Lend Lease.

A local business reported trucks arriving at the site and dumping building waste on Saturday at a two rate an hour. Presumably the travellers were being paid to dump the waste illegally.

“It’s a well known tactic” says Joanna Biddolph, “to get paid to dump illegally”. Getting rid of the waste, which can only be seen from the road if you peer through the gates, will now be a job for Lend Lease.