Trump ‘pugnacious’

I found out with great glee only recently that the pet dog of Chiswick’s most celebrated artist William Hogarth was called Trump. Not only that, but according to the website of the Tate gallery, where the above portrait hangs, ‘Hogarth’s pug dog Trump serves as an emblem of the artist’s own pugnacious character’. 

Trump, a byword for pugnacity – who’d have thought it?!

Chiswick reclaims Trump

In honour of the (blameless) little dog I’ve got together with local interior designer Angela Corden to make some Chiswick Loves Trump merchandise – a mug (£10) and a T shirt (£12) on black or white cotton. (Sizes S,M,L,XL). More items to come…

Place your orders

If this tickles your sense of humour and you’d like to buy a mug or a T shirt, please email info@thechiswickcalendar with your name and address to pre-order.