Turkish food stall for Chiswick High Road declined by licencing panel

Image above: Area of Chiswick High Rd where the stall would have been; Google street view

An application to run a Turkish food stand at 257-259 Chiswick High Road, outside Betfred betting shop, has been turned down by Hounslow’s Licensing Panel following a virtual meeting.

The Licensing Panel decided to turn down Mr Gokhan Bozkurt’s ‘Flavour Land London’ after considering the concerns of local residents and businesses.

There were several opponents, including the art gallery Lemongrove London, who said it would have a negative affect on their business and resident Loraine Pemberton, who lives 50 yards away from the site of the proposed stall. The owner of the Wild Bunch Juicery at 402 Chiswick High Road, Mandana Kalati, also objected ‘to the opening of any food stalls in this area’.

Opponents claimed that allowing a stall would introduce unfair competition, that bricks and mortar businesses in Chiswick High Rd have higher overheads which Mr Bozkurt would not have to pay. They also stated that there were enough fast food business in the area which sold similar types of food, as well as concerns that the appearance of the stall may not be in keeping with the area.

Litter, smell and anti-social behaviour

Concerns were also raised about possible littering that may have been caused by the stall; food smells, noise and pollution from the generators which were planned to be used to heat food to be sold at the premises, as well as concerns about the late hours the applicant was applying for (from 6.00am-10.00pm).

Other concerns expressed were that there was a likelihood that granting the licence may attract crime and antisocial behaviour along Chiswick High Road and that the ability to socially distance in the light of the current COVID-19 pandemic may be compromised due to the additional stall.

After ‘carefully considering’ the representations made on behalf of the application the Panel decided to refuse the application for the following reasons:

Firstly, there was a large tree behind the premises where the stall was proposed to be positioned. This, the panel determined, would push the stall onto the pavement which would inconvenience people or vehicles using the street.

Secondly, ‘there were sufficient traders trading in the street or adjoining the Premises trading in the type of food/cuisine the applicant was proposing to sell from the premises’. These were items such as pizzas, pastries, dessert, cakes, hot and cold drinks.

Finally the Panel also accepted that ‘the preparation for the sale of the items the applicant was proposing to sell would adversely affect the general amenity of the area, which comprises of shops, flats, much of which was architecturally and socially significant buildings’.

The decision of the panel was final with no right to appeal.

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