Two cyclists hit by hit and run drivers in Chiswick; Hounslow Cabinet Member also injured cycling

Image above: Car which hit man on a bike in Dukes Meadows on Wednesday 17 November 2021

HIt and run drivers knock two people off their bikes in Chiswick in the same day

Two people riding bikes in Chiswick were hit by drivers who failed to stop on Wednesday (17 November).

A woman was hit by a motorcycle as she was riding her bike on Abinger Rd. The woman, who does not want to be named, was left shaken but was unharmed.

A man riding his bike on Riverside Drive in Dukes Meadows at 11.15am the same day was hit by a car (pictured) thought to be a 2021 Ford Galaxy. He was side-swiped and came off, damaging his hip and a finger. He too prefers to remain anonymous.

Both were hit from the side or behind and neither vehicle stopped, leaving their victim lying in the road. Hounslow Cycling campaign is asking for anyone who witnessed the incidents to get in touch.

The man hit by the car posted a message on social media thanking: “the two ladies who stopped and helped me up off the road after a driver knocked me off my bike this morning.

“They were paying attention”, he said, “did not run me over, for which I am eternally grateful, stopped an assisted, and we all looked on in disbelief, me from the horizontal, as the driver responsible just drove away.”

Victoria Jay commented:

“How could you not stop?! What kind of person does that?!”

Drew White wrote:

“It really is chilling to think some people don’t face up to it and it really suggests they are trying to escape the consequences of foolish or reckless actions at the wheel, rather than being people simply caught up in an accident”.

Image above: Cllr Guy Lambert

Cllr Guy Lambert knocked off his bike in Brook Green

The day after those two incidents, Cllr Guy Lambert, a Cabinet Member of Hounslow Council, was knocked off his bike on Hammersmith Rd, cycling towards Olympia on his way into London. He injured both his legs and his arms. He has a broken wrist on one arm and a cracked elbow on the other and “a bruise the size of a dinner plate” on one thigh.

“The car in front was turning left and I didn’t have time to stop” he told The Chiswick Calendar. The driver, a doctor, stopped and checked him over, checking for concussion and advising him to go and have a cup of coffee before attempting to go anywhere.

“He was devastated” Guy told us. “He said ‘I’m so sorry, it’s my fault, I didn’t look.’

“I didn’t want to make a fuss so I didn’t take his details but I gave him my card and he rang me later to check I was ok”.

He left his bike and took an Uber home, only ringing 111 later when his leg and his wrist continued to hurt. After three hours’ waiting in A&E a nurse told him he’d fractured his wrist and cracked his other elbow. He would like the doctor who hit him to contact him again.

Hammersmith Rd is one which cyclists often complain about because it is a busy main road with a cycle path just painted on the road, not segregated, with no physical protection from vehicles.

“I wasn’t cycling defensively” Guy told me. “The fact there was a line on the road probably made me more confident as most cars sort of respect it, or half respect it.

“Everyone needs to be more careful, both cyclists and motorists”.

Cllr Lambert is a member of Hounslow Cycling campaign and has been supporting Cllr Hanif Khan, Member with responsibility for Transport, in introducing Cycleway 9.

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