Two jailed after huge drug stashes found in Chiswick and Acton

Image above: Luke Skeete and Gabriella Anderson; Photographs Met Police

£25 million worth of stashed drugs seized 

Two people have been jailed after police raided storage units in Chiswick and Acton, uncovering a staggering £25 million worth of stashed drugs.

The investigation began on 21 July 2022 when officers intercepted a hire car entering London. During the subsequent search, a significant discovery was made: a large black holdall concealed in the vehicle’s trunk, containing 25 kilograms of high purity cocaine.

The occupants of the car, 27-year-old Gabriella Anderson of Hercies Road, Uxbridge, and the driver, were apprehended on the spot and charged with possession with intent to supply the very next day. The driver was later acquitted at Harrow Crown Court on 1 March 2023.

As the investigation deepened, officers were led to a crucial link in the drug chain, 25-year-old Luke Skeete of Evergreen Drive in West Drayton. Detectives revealed that Skeete had met with Anderson on the day the car was intercepted and allegedly provided her with the holdall filled with drugs.

The trail heated up on 20 October 2022 when police surveillance observed Skeete driving a hire van in the Richmond area, heading towards Chiswick. Officers then intercepted the van and discovered three kilograms of cocaine in the front passenger footwell, along with an additional five kilograms in the rear.

Image above: Drugs seized during the raid, Photograph via Met Police

Cocaine and ketamine among drugs stashed

Specialist Crime officers were led to a storage unit rented by Skeete in Acton. There, a well-organised distribution centre was uncovered, containing a massive 123 kilograms of high purity cocaine.

The investigation did not stop there, as officers also identified another self-storage location in Chiswick that Skeete was headed to when he was arrested. The contents of this locker included 244 kilograms of ketamine and 11 kilograms of a hybrid drug mixture containing both cocaine and ketamine.

Facing a mountain of evidence against him, Skeete had little choice but to plead guilty to possession with intent to supply 131 kilograms of cocaine and 225 kilograms of ketamine.

The 27-year-old also faced additional charges of driving while disqualified and multiple fraud offences committed while working for Audi UK in 2020, totalling £127,029. On Thursday, 25 May, Skeete pleaded guilty to these charges at Isleworth Crown Court, and on Monday 24 July he was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Earlier, on Monday, 20 March, Gabriella Anderson, who was implicated in the initial discovery of cocaine in the hire car, received her sentence. The 27-year-old was sentenced to six years and nine months’ imprisonment at Harrow Crown Court for possession with intent to supply.

Met hopes sentences will deter similar offences

PC Dave Selwood, from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said:

“Skeete and Anderson thought that by using hire vehicles and minicabs they could move, with impunity, a significant amount of drugs into London for their own financial gain.

“Drugs as a whole but especially on this scale, are inextricably linked to violence and other crimes that cause misery for the people of London. The meticulous investigative work carried out by my team shows our commitment to taking these controlled substances off London’s streets.

“We hope that this result sends a clear message to those involved in illicit activities that the Met does not welcome this kind of enterprise in London, and our Specialist Crime officers will work determinedly to catch individuals such as this.”

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