Two local environment projects need help

The team creating a beautiful living wall at St Mary’s primary school to help combat pollution  are looking for help next week.

Airlite ( will be supervising the painting of the interior walls on the ground floor of the school with a special paint which has been donated and that will serve as a purifying system and clean up to 88% of the pollution inside.

St Mary’s are looking for volunteers to help  with some of the work inside the building such as painting or just help clearing some of the areas, covering furniture, etc, as well as provide items like ladders or plastic sheets.

This is an exciting time not just for the school and Chiswick, but hopefully for the future of many other schools across London, as the plan is to make the Chiswick Oasis a clean air model for other schools to follow.

Piazza  project calling  for help this Sunday

The Piazza project at Turnham Green, a new project by the Abundance team, are calling for helpers this Sunday between 2-4pm

They need help to spread three tonnes of soil conditioner to prepare the new flower bed and also smoothe out some of the lumps on the lawn behind the bed. This might sound a bit daunting, but the team is confident that if many hands come and help it should be done in next to no time.

So if you can spare half an hour or so on Sunday please go to the little piazza, wearing tough boots or shoes, and bring a spade or fork or rake, and gloves.

RSVP if possible, but not essential: