“Utterly brazen” thief sings while stealing products worth £5000 from Chiswick Boots

Image above: Thief turns to look at an eyewitness recording him steal products

Maskless thief heard singing as he steals high-value products

A pair of thieves stole roughly £5,000 in items from Boots on Chiswick High Road on Wednesday (24 January), in an instance of shoplifting one eyewitness described as “utterly brazen”.

Footage of the incident shows one culprit, a white male dressed in a navy cap, black puffer jacket, black Adidas joggers and grey Nike trainers, crouching and scooping products into a Sainsbury’s bag while the shop’s alarm blares in the background.

While filling the bag, the thief notices he is being recorded and continues taking items. After filling the bag, he shouts “Come on! Come on!” to his accomplice, who was at the other end of the shop.

Both men made no attempt to hide their faces and one could be heard singing as he stole items. The singing thief later tried to bash the phone out of the hands of the person recording and can be heard threatening them to not record.

They both ran out of the shop at about 3.22pm.

The second thief was also wearing a black puffer jacket, as well as a black cap and distinctive pair of black jeans, which were covered in white specks of paint.

Both were reportedly spotted earlier in the day stealing from hardware shop Robert Dyas, using similar tactics and Sainsbury’s bags.

The police were called, but had still not arrived at 6.30pm on Wednesday.

Boots staff confirmed to witnesses the rough amount of what had been stolen and said it was unlikely police would arrive until the next day to collect any CCTV footage. Some witnesses stayed in store for two hours after the incident in the hopes of speaking to police.

Images above: One thief just before hitting the person recording him, the second thief in his distinctive black jeans with white specks of paint