Video game company Sega set to move to Chiswick Business Park

Image: Sonic spotted at Chiswick Business Park

Sonic the Hedgehog creator moving to Chiswick

Video game company SEGA has confirmed its plans to move to Chiswick Business Park.

The creator of Sonic the Hedgehog will be taking up 21,000 sq ft of space in Building 12 at Chiswick Business Park. Its current European headquarters on the Great West Road in Brentford has been sold for a major residential development.

The global video gaming company will base its studio and publishing operations at the site. It joins a number of other companies in the creative industry and entertainment sector, including Warner Bros Discovery and Paramount Pictures. The computer giant Dell also recently took up space in the complex.

Sega’s neighbour will be fellow video game creator Pokémon, as Pokemon International Company is based nearby.

No timeframe has been released yet for the move, but it looks likely within the next 12 months.

Enjoy Work, who run the office site, said:

“Welcome to the Enjoy-Work family Knuckles and Tails! We’re thrilled to have you join Sonic who has already made himself at home and caught a few rings and we promise we won’t tell Dr Eggman you’re here.”

Calum Spence of Revantage Real Estate which manages the office development told BE News:

“The demand for workspace we are continuing to see at Chiswick Park illustrates the very clear trend of a flight to quality among the occupier community and the insistence for highly sustainable, accessible workspace which places the well-being and performance of staff at its heart.”