Visit parliament

It is Parliament Week apparently, the week in which we are encouraged to engage with the workings of our democracy.

It happens every year and this year of course it is focused particularly on Vote 100, one hundred years since Parliament passed the law which allowed the first women to vote.

Ruth Cadbury’s office duly contacted 40 schools in her constituency of Brentford & Isleworth in an effort to invite a committee member from each school’s PTA to come and have a tour of parliament and have the opportunity to discuss shared problems with other PTAs in the neighbourhood. How many responded? 12. 

I find it quite shocking that some schools don’t have fully functioning Parent Teachers Associations and even more so that those that do can’t be bothered to reply to their MP. They might at least drop her a line saying they are too busy washing their hair that day to have the opportunity to see parliament, to network and lobby for their school. 

Those who are going from Chiswick are Chiswick School, Belmont Primary School and St Mary’s RC Primary School. There’s a Parliament Week website, should you be looking to Engage, Explore or Empower and there’s also a schools Education Centre (0207 219 4496) if you wanted to take a school party.