Visit the British Museum Online

You can easily lose an entire day visiting the British Museum, and the same can be said of its website. The Museum has recently ‘overhauled’ its online collection database, allowing over four million objects to be seen by people anywhere in the world.

There are nearly 4.5 million objects available to be enjoyed, with 1.9 million images. The new database has 280,000 new object photographs and 85,000 new object records published for the very first time, many of them acquisitions the Museum has made in recent years, including 73 portraits by Damian Hirst, a previously lost watercolour by Rossetti, and a stunning 3,000-year-old Bronze age pendant.

High definition images can be enlarged and examined in detail which will enable you to view the incredible workmanship on the Royal Game of Ur, the intricate carving on this African hunting horn, the amazingly preserved deerskin map from North America, or this delightful drawing by Raphael of an old man’s head – just a few of the thousands of highlights to discover.

View the entire British Museum’s online collection here