Volunteers needed

Two of Chiswick’s favourite movers and shakers are looking for volunteers to do, well, some moving and shaking.

Kathleen Healy MBE, who heads up the Dukes Meadows Trust, which has redeveloped and now maintains Dukes Meadows park for the good of everyone, is looking for people to come and help out this Friday and Saturday (9 & 10 November), just for an hour or two, to shift a mountain of bark chippings.

In all the mayhem of Carillion going bust and new contractors being hastily found to take over their contracts with local authorities, the soft bed of bark chippings which keeps the adventure playground safe for children to play in has sunk very low. It needs topping up with a huge amount of bark chippings.

The problem is that the bark is being delivered by an articulated lorry which cannot get nearer than the park gates in Edensor Rd so help is needed to move 500 wheel barrow loads of chippings about 500 yards to the playground.

My maths isn’t great (as the eagle eyed spotted last week!) but 50 people would mean only ten trips each (I think!) Kathleen will be officiating, but it’s ok, I’m told her bark is worse than her bite. In fact, she’s promising coffee and doughnuts.

If you’re free, willing and able, turn up between 2.00 and 4.00pm on Friday or between 11.00am and 2.00pm on Saturday at the park gate next to Cavendish primary school on Edensor Rd.

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Help with tree planting

Two weeks later Karen Liebreich MBE, she of the Chiswick Timeline, fruit picking and sundry guerilla gardening projects, is looking for help with tree planting.

Her charity, Abundance London, has undertaken to make Harvard Hill park (just as you come off the M4, on the south side of the A4, opposite the Russian Orthodox cathedral) more interesting.

The idea is to create a ‘shelter belt’ – a line of trees and shrubs to create a bit of a barrier to the noise and pollution of the road and to provide a habitat for wildlife, particularly birds – in what is currently a pretty featureless bit of ground.

After taking advice from the Woodland Trust and local tree expert Steve Pocock, Abundance London has selected a ‘wild wood’ and ‘wild life’ mix which includes blackthorn, downy birch, silver birch, common oak, crab apple, goat willow (pussy willow), hawthorn, hazel, holly, rowan and three redwood trees.

All they need now is a few willing hands to help with planting. If you can, please go along and help on Monday 26 November between 9.30am and 2.00pm. Bring a spade, shovel and / or wheelbarrow. Wearing gloves, sturdy shoes and waterproof clothing is advised. Failing that just come along and encourage the planters!

Abundance has organised this in association with The Woodland Trust, LBH Parks’ Department, Falcons School for Boys and Grove Park School.

This is one of several projects Abundance has going in Chiswick currently. To read about the others please see Karen’s guest blog and if you shop at Waitrose, you can vote to support Abundance throughout this month.

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