Water, water everywhere. Nor any drop to drink

In the words of the rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, recently it’s been a case of ‘Water, water everywhere. Nor any a drop to drink’ as it’s rained heavily but the drinking fountain on Turnham Green Terrace has remained steadfastly dry.

All that is about to change. The water has been switched on. It still has to be tested and signed off by a plumber, but all being well we will soon have a working water fountain again on the Piazza.

The restoration of the disused fountain began nearly a year ago after Cllr John Todd secured funding to do the necessary work. It has been cordoned off while the work was being done, leading to complaints that the barricades around it were unslghtly and the work was taking too long.

Now it’s nearly ready to use. No more need for plastic bottles, as we can fill out reusable bottles from the drinking fountain and dogs can drink from the trough at the bottom.

The alternative modern fountains provided by Thames water are hideous and have been described as like ‘the love child of a exocet missile and a smurf’.

Thank you John Todd for persevering with the Victorian pink granite.