Watermans developer seeks to avoid laspse of planning permission

Image: Watermans arts centre, now closed, awaiting redevelopment

Developer submits planning application for Lawful Development Certificate, despite not yet starting work on the project

A planning application (P/2024/1439) has been submitted to Hounslow Council seeking a Lawful Development Certificate for the proposed Watermans Arts Centre site.

The aim is to prevent the lapse of the initial planning permission for the project located at the former Brentford Police station at 36 Half Acre.

LGL, the developer, has engaged in extensive talks with the Council about the site and has expressed doubts about the feasibility of the current project setup. There has been little progress in terms of construction activity on the site.

The planning permission, granted four years ago, was set to expire in April. The recent application, handled by planning consultancy DP9 Limited, seeks validation that the demolition of a single-storey motor room building at the northwest corner of the site constitutes sufficient evidence of work beginning.

This phase is labelled Phase 1. Phase 2, to follow, would involve demolishing the remaining structures and erecting flats and the arts centre.

Borough planning officers will review the application, with documents indicating pre-application discussions dating back to last October.

If the application were to be rejected, it would necessitate restarting the planning process for a new Watermans project from scratch,.

The granting of the Lawful Development Certificate for the Half Acre site does not guarantee approval for demolishing the current Watermans Arts Centre and constructing the Albany Riverside housing scheme.

Efforts to utilise the original Watermans site in the interim have been initiated by two local groups, including the Save Our Watermans campaign.

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