West London homeless charity launches campaign for ‘Braverman bags’

November 14, 2023/by 

Image above: A ‘Braverman bag’ containing an emergency survival kit for a homeless person; example in the photograph contains a sleeping bag, hat, gloves. thermal tee-shirt, thermal socks, hand warmers, body warmers, foil sheet and toiletries pack

Giving the departing Home Secretary a legacy of which she can be proud

The Upper Room has launched an appeal for ‘Braverman Bags’. The West London charity which supports homeless people is giving the outgoing Home Secretary Suella Braverman a legacy of which she can be proud – asking the public for a donation of £50 for a whole bag, which will include a waterproof sleeping bag, hat, gloves, food ration and hand warmer, or for any other amount people are happy to give. For example £25 could feed a homeless person for a month.

Before she was sacked, following her criticism of the Metropolitan Police for ‘bias’ over the policing of marches, which made their job over the weekend considerably harder, the previous week she was under fire for ‘callous’ and ‘cruel’ remarks about homeless people.

She wrote on social media that homelessness was a ‘lifestyle choice’ and proposed new laws to stop them using tents. The Upper Room’s CEO Iain Cooper was one of those to voice his disgust:

“If you’re saying to a charity like ours… ‘I’m sorry it’s now illegal for you to give somebody a tent’… that is dehumanising a huge issue for me… on just a totally immoral scale.

“Nobody chooses to sleep in the rain, or to sleep or the frost, or the snow.”

For him the issue is a moral one, not a political one. Local authorities are warning they cannot cope with the demand for social housing and charities are warning of a spike in homelessness expected in London in the run up to Christmas.

Image above: Homeless people camping on Turnham Green last spring

Steep increase in homelessness in London expected

The demand for The Upper Room’s services has been steadily increasing. They are now providing more than twice the number of meals they were in January 2022

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Iain Cooper, CEO The Upper Room

Launching the ‘Braverman Bags’ Ian told The Chiswick Calendar:

“There is a lot of negative commentary on all forms of media at the moment about homelessness that directly contradicts our experience and what we know about the many contributing factors that result in people sleeping outside.

“Our team at The Upper Room wanted to turn that tidal wave of negative energy on itself and convert it into positive action. So, we are putting together survival bag kits that include a waterproof sleeping bag, hats, gloves, food parcels and other items for people who find themselves sleeping rough on London streets as we descend into winter.

“We very much hope that people can help London’s homeless population by sharing this story and contributing to our campaign.”

To buy a Braverman bag of help for a homeless person, click on this link: Buy a Braverman Bag

You’ve heard of Wellington boots and Nissen huts – now you’ve heard of Braverman bags

The Chiswick Calendar has not had a Christmas appeal before, but this year we have one. People are often unsure about whether to give money to people begging in the street. This is one sure fire way of supporting homeless people and knowing your money is well spent. Let’s see how many Braverman Bags we can provide.

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