West London Queer Project march for Pride in London – 2023 gallery

Image above: WLQP at Pride in London

Pride is fun, but it is still a protest, says Aubrey Crawley, of the West London Queer Project

The UK’s biggest LGBTQ+ festival returned to the streets of London on Saturday (1 July) with tens of thousands of people marching through central London. Revellers were seen dancing and waving rainbow flags on the streets as the parade kicked off at midday.

Organisers estimate more than 30,000 participants from across 600 organisations took part in London’s annual Pride Parade.

West London Queer Project joined the parade in celebration of diversity and inclusivity. Noteworthy among them is Chiswick’s Conservative Councillor, Ranjit Gill, who once again joined the parade with WLQP’s founder Aubrey Crawley.

“Pride in London was the perfect way to wrap up pride month 2023” aubrey told The Chiswick Calendar, “however, even though it was a day full of fun, love and celebration, Pride is still a protest.

“Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in homophobia and transphobia and on a personal level, I’ve experienced more homophobia in the last month than I have in my entire life.

“The significance of Pride in London and Pride celebrations around the world is more important than ever. It was less than two weeks ago that our own Prime Minister was caught on tape making fun of transgender women, one of the most fragile and marginalised communities in the world and yet despite the pleads, he’s yet to apologise.”

See below for some pictures of WLQP members having fun celebrating pride on Saturday:

West London Queer Project – Pride in London gallery

Above: Founder Aubrey Crawley riding on the shoulders of a WLQP member during the parade

Images above: Conservative Councillor Ranjit Gill poses with a drag performer during the parade

Image above: WLQP at Pride in London

Image above: WLQP at Pride in London

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