West London teenager admits manslaughter after tripping up a man and causing his death

Image above: Hanwell Broadway, near where the crime took place

Victim suffered heart attack after being tripped

A 16-year-old boy has confessed to manslaughter after tripping a 62-year-old man in Hanwell, resulting in a fatal heart attack on 19 March.

At the Old Bailey heard the teenager approached Jerald Netto, placing his foot between his legs and sweeping him off his feet. The fall led to Mr. Netto suffering a heart attack, triggered by the trauma of hitting the pavement.

Initially charged with murder, the teenage defendant is now set to be sentenced for manslaughter on 12 January, following his admission of guilt. Judge Rebecca Trowler KC has ordered a pre-sentence report but has cautioned the defendant and his family to prepare for a custodial sentence. The teenager has been remanded back into local authority accommodation under stringent conditions.

The identity of the accused remains undisclosed due to legal reasons. He was arrested immediately after the incident occurred on Boston Road at approximately 12.50am.

Prosecutor Louise Oakley informed the court that the victim’s relatives wanted time to reflect on the teenager’s plea and intend to prepare an ‘impact statement’ describing the affect of Mr. Netto’s death on their family and their broader community.

Ms. Oakley argued Mr. Netto died “as a result of an unlawful act which involved an intention to cause harm or recklessness as to whether harm was caused.”

Judge Trowler said:

“I am aware that the defendant has admitted responsibility for the physical act from the outset, and so the only factor that has changed today in legal terms is causation has been accepted on his behalf, and therefore a plea has been entered.”