‘Whale’ bags come to Chiswick

It’s a sobering thought that over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than in the whole of the last century. Modbury in Devon was the first town in Europe to ban plastic bags ten years ago. Can Chiswick match its environmental example and become plastic bag free?

Collins fruit and veg stall has teamed up with environmental campaigners to offer ‘bags for life’. Not just stronger plastic bags which take a few more outings to fall apart than the cheapo ones which disintegrate as soon as you look at them, but cotton bags designed by Carolyn Newton at The Whale Company, which campaigns to reduce plastic waste.

By 2050 they reckon there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish and although plastic can be recycled, only 24% of the five million tonnes of plastic used in the UK every year is recycled or reused. We found out only last week that Hounslow Council has not been recycling waste from public bins despite the recycling sign on them, when data scientist Nick Synes blew the whistle on them to The Evening Standard.

Alfie Collins, head of the family fruit and veg company which has been going for 60 years, says customers like the fact that their fruit and veg are loose and they can just put them straight in a bag instead of buying them wrapped in plastic and polystyrene. The stall, which has been on the High Rd for 35 years, is open seven days a week.

The Whale Company, which is registering as a charity, is on a mission is to inspire the next generation to think more creatively about design compatible with a more sustainable future, and promotes connections to nature through sports, the arts and craft.

The bags will be on sale for £10 from today.