When is a pothole not a pothole?

When it’s ‘delamination’ apparently.

I received a cheery press release this week telling me Hounslow is on top of its game with the pothole situation: 790 ‘issues reported’, 263 potholes repaired over the last 18 months, with 212 more programmed for completion and 162 ‘under review’. But here the plot thickens, because apparently not everything we perceive to be a pothole actually is one.

‘To most people a pothole is a catch-all phrase to describe any road defect, from the classic gouged-out damaged area, often due to repeated freeze and thaw, to superficial damage to a road’s surface. There are a number of roads in Hounslow affected by extensive potholes which are not severe enough to meet the council’s normal criteria for repair. Many are roads suffering delamination – which is when the asphalt layer has detached from the concrete base creating an uneven surface’.

And so bendeth the banana, as Boris Johnson might say. All this time we’ve been thinking we had potholes when we haven’t at all, apparently. Among the roads not suffering from potholes, but delamination, is Grove Park Gardens, which claims the distinction of being one of the worst in the borough. It and 19 other delaminated roads are to be resurfaced this summer at a cost of over £700k.

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