When you realise you’ve babysat Matilda

A new cast has just taken over the roles in Matilda the Musical, including four girls sharing the title role of Matilda, the little girl who fights injustice with her indomitable will and succeeds through the force of her intellect. One of the child actors taking on the role is Francesca McKeown from Chiswick. 

The RSC don’t allow their child stars to do personal publicity, to protect them, so much as I’d love to tell you how she’s enjoying it, I can only tell you that she comes across as a natural talent, completely confident and comfortable with performing, which is amazing considering I babysat her not that long ago when she was a shy little girl and her parents are about as far from the archetypal pushy showbiz parents as you can get! 

Good luck Francesca, knock ’em dead.