Where else for Christmas booze but the local brewery?

If you want to avoid the queues in supermarkets to stock up on your Christmas booze, pop in to the shop at Fuller’s Griffin Brewery.

There’s something pleasantly Dickensian about buying your beer in the premises of a two hundred year old brewery. The brewery may be old but the shop is new, or at least it has had a major refurbishment this year.

You can tell from eavesdropping on consumers’ conversations that it clearly attracts afficionados and the enthusiasm of the customers is equalled by the cheerfulness and pride in their product of the staff.  The really good news is that you can use your Chiswick Calendar Club Card in the Brewery Shop for 10% discount.

I had the pleasure of meeting Fuller’s Head Brewer Georgina Young last week. For the past three months she’s been trying out her new Pilot Brewery, a micro-brewery which enables her to experiment with recipes, making batches of ten barrels at a time. She’s like a kid with a new toy and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Georgina is hugely respected in the brewing industry. You can read about the beers she’s currently producing and those she’s planning for next year in my interview with her on The This is Chiswick pages.