Where to get help? Chiswick Covid-19 Mutual Aid

Chiswick Covid-19 Mutual Aid  is a Facebook group set up mid-March in response to the Coronavirus. Philippa Griffin started it as a platform to connect local volunteers with isolated neighbours in the W4 area. It has very quickly become a popular site, with many members setting up individual WhatsApp groups on their own street, leafleting the houses to reach their neighbours.

Chiswick COVID-19 Mutual Aid provides a non-hierarchical platform.

‘We share collective responsibility for ensuring that everyone who receives and offers help stays safe and supported at all times’.

Their aims are to:

  • Help those quarantined by conveying their requests for help to people willing and able to support them
  • Share clear advice from authoritative sources
  • Support and consolidate efforts to organise community action

Find the Facebook group here.

Offer your support here.