Where to get help? St Michael’s Elmwood Rd

Church services have been shut down and Church buildings are also closed to visitors. Many of the churches are live-streaming their services and organising volunteers to help people within their parish who are isolated and need support, be it emotional or practical.

Images above: Rev Martine Oborne; St Michael’s Church, Elmwood Rd

Practical and emotional support

The church has a small team of volunteers who are able to offer phone chats and practical help, as much as they are able. ‘We keep a list of people willing to help others in their street and those who need that help.

Contact vicar Martine Oborne

Tel: 07805 928584
Email: revoborne@gmail.com
Twitter – Follow @Martine Oborne

‘I’d love to hear from you, whether we’ve net before or not, so please don’t be shy and get in touch!’ she says. Martine also sends out regular updates by email, which you can subscribe to through her website: www.martineoborne.com

Am I in St Michael’s parish? Find out by looking on a church near you website. Put in your postcode, click on your address and by the marvels of modern technology it will tell you which parish you live in.

Image above: St Michael’s parish area

Online services, prayers, bible readings and meditation

St Michael’s is sharing Morning Prayer online – Mondays-Fridays 9.00-9.30am
Use the ID no. 665-971-399 to join in via www.zoom.us

They also have an online bible reading group – Tuesdays 10.00-11.30am
Use the ID no. 855-707-389 to join in via www.zoom.us

Online meditation sessions – Wednesdays 7.15-7.45pm
Use the ID no. 418 193 238 to join in via  www.zoom.us

St Michael’s is also recording Sunday services and uploading them to their Youtube channel
Subscribe to the channel – St Michael’s Chiswick – to receive notifications when they upload a new service.


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