Where to get help? St Nicholas Church

Church services have been shut down and Church buildings are also closed to visitors. Many of the churches are live-streaming their services and organising volunteers to help people within their parish who are isolated and need support, be it emotional or practical.

Images above: Michele Rooney; Fr Simon Brandes

Fr Simon Brandes, vicar of St Nicholas Church:

“The Church has always been involved in community. If the Church can support the community in any way, that’s its role and its function”.

Debt counselling advice

St Nicholas Church on Chiswick Mall runs a debt advice centre. The Crosslight Centre, run by Michele Rooney, usually offers face to face meetings with people struggling with debt, organising as many meetings as you need to provide practical help and support, working through your documentation with you, calling agencies such as your local council or utilities on your behalf and generally helping you sort yourself out. Michele and her team of volunteers continue to work, offering help on the phone: 0207 052 0318.

Read more about the work they do here.

Practical and emotional support

The church has a small team of volunteers who are able to offer phone chats and practical help, as much as they are able. The parish of St Nicholas stretches from Barnes Bridge up to the High Rd, as it extends along Dukes Avenue.

Get in touch via the parish office, open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
(the answerphone is also monitored at other times)
Tel: 0208 995 7876
Email: office@stnicholaschiswick.org

Am I in St Nicholas’ parish? Find out by looking on a church near you website. Put in your postcode, click on your address and by the marvels of modern technology it will tell you which parish you live in.

Image above: St Nicholas parish area

Food bank donations

St Nicholas support Hammersmith food bank. The church is not collecting food for them at the moment but rather ask anyone wishing to help them to make a donation to the food bank through their website.


Live-streaming of services

St Nicholas is live-streaming its services at 9.30am on Thursdays and Sundays via its Facebook page.

Facebook/St NicholasChurchChiswick


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