Where to get help? St Paul’s Church

Church services have been shut down and Church buildings are also closed to visitors. Many of the churches are live-streaming their services and organising volunteers to help people within their parish who are isolated and need support, be it emotional or practical.

Image above: St Paul’s Church, Grove Park; Sue Hearn

Practical and emotional support

The church has a small team of volunteers who are able to offer phone chats and practical help, as much as they are able.

‘We would very much like to be able to reach out to anyone in the local Grove Park community who is self-isolating, or might need any other support, such as help with delivering food or medicine. Sue Hearn is the co-ordinator for this at St Paul’s so please do contact her if you are able to volunteer or if you are in need of help.

Tel: 07958 414638
Email: susan.hearn@btinternet.com.

‘It will be more effective, safer and easier to manage, if we can co-ordinate help within our own neighbourhoods. So if you are a volunteer from another part of Chiswick or London, please consider trying to find a support group to join that is closer to home’.

Am I in St Paul’s parish? Find out by looking on a church near you website. Put in your postcode, click on your address and by the marvels of modern technology it will tell you which parish you live in.

Image above: St Paul’s parish area

St Paul’s is not live-streaming or recording services.


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