Which way will Remainers vote?

As an area which voted 70% Remain in 2016, how will that affect our vote in this general election?

There’s definite Brexit fatigue – the ‘I give up, let’s just decide something. Anything. We need strong leadership’ school of thought.

But there’s also the ‘finally I get an opportunity to say what I think. Let’s nail this whole stupid idea and go back to how we were before the referendum’ school of thought.

(Also a ‘Brexit – that’s a good idea’ school, no doubt, but a view heard less often in Chiswick).

Psephology experts reckon as many as 80 seats could change hands through tactical voting. So what happens when you type a W4 post code into Gina Miller’s Best for Britain calculator? It tells you to vote for Ruth Cadbury.

Without tactical voting, it predicts a very narrow Labour win, with only a a couple of points between Labour and Conservatives.

With a scenario of 30% pro-Remainers voting tactically for Ruth Cadbury, who has been strongly pro-Remain all through, it increases her lead to eight points.

I expect Seena and Helen will have something to say about that at our debate!