Who are the 2024 parliamentary candidates for Hammersmith & Chiswick?

Image: Chiswick High Rd; Photograph Anna Kunst

The Chiswick Calendar interviews Parliamentary candidates for Hammersmith & Chiswick

The General Election takes place this Thursday (4 July). These next few days represent the last push for all of the candidates vying for a seat in Parliament to get their message across to voters who are still undecided.

There are eight candidates from as many different parties to choose from in the newly created Hammersmith & Chiswick constituency, which was created following a boundary review in 2023 and covers most of Chiswick.

After voters cast their ballots on Thursday, whoever wins the most votes will, in all likelihood, represent the area for at least the next five years.

The Labour candidate for Hammersmith & Chiswick, Andy Slaughter, was previously the Labour MP for Hammersmith and has held the seat with a comfortable majority since 2005.

Over the last few weeks I have been talking to all but one of the candidates for Hammersmith & Chiswick for a series of in-depth interview discussing the parties’ various different manifesto commitments and the  issues each candidate thinks local people care most about.

Images: Rejoin EU’s Parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith & Chiswick Bill Colegrave, The Rejoin EU Party’s logo, 

Bill Colegrave – Rejoin EU

The first on the ballot paper is The Rejoin EU Party’s candidate Bill Colegrave, a property manager and part-time writer.

In essence, Rejoin EU are a protest party. They are hoping to convince mainstream political leaders and MPs of the three main parties to be more comfortable with calling out something which they say is obvious: Brexit is not working.

Among issues touted in their 2024 manifesto, Rejoin EU’s economic policies focus on re-joining the EU single market and customs union, adopting the euro as the UK’s official currency, supporting small businesses affected by Brexit and reducing trade barriers with EU partners.

Their foreign policy objectives include restoring Britain’s influence in Europe, enhancing international co-operation and addressing migration issues through EU membership.

Read his interview here: Hammersmith & Chiswick parliamentary candidate: Rejoin EU

Images: The Conservative Party’s Parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith & Chiswick Andrew Dinsmore; Conservative Party logo

Andrew Dinsmore – Conservatives

Second on the ballot paper is Andrew Dinsmore, who is standing for the Conservatives. Andrew is a criminal barrister and a councillor in Hammersmith & Fulham. He made headlines earlier this year for his role in a petition to the Home Office to ban “zombie” knives in the UK.

The Conservatives have promised if they win the election that flights to Rwanda will take off, sending asylum seekers who have entered the country illegally abroad to be processed. The party wishes to press ahead with this flagship policy which they say will crush the people-smuggling gangs and deter channel crossings, despite charities and human rights organisations raising concerns about Rwanda’s safety and whether the policy itself violates international law.

Other manifesto commitments the Conservatives have made include reforming the planning system to make it easier to build the 1.6 million homes they have pledged to build, adding a cap on migration numbers and reforming the welfare system.

Andrew is fighting the campaign against the backdrop of ominous polling for the Conservatives.

Read his interview here: Hammersmith & Chiswick parliamentary candidate: Conservatives

Images: The Worker’s Revolutionary Party’s Parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith & Chiswick Scott Dore, Workers Revolutionary Party logo

Scott Dore – Worker’s Revolutionary Party

Scott is the only candidate who did not get back in touch with us for an interview about his candidacy. He is standing for the Worker’s Revolutionary Party.

The Workers’ Revolutionary Party, separate from George Galloway’s Worker’s Party, has these key manifesto pledges:

  • Condemn Israel’s war on Gaza and its impact on global politics and imperialism;
  • Criticise US policy and its effect on Biden’s re-election campaign and student opposition;
  • Highlight the spread of student opposition to Israel in the UK and worldwide;
  • Emphasise international isolation of Israel and recognition of Palestine.
  • Advocate for the UK to recognise Palestine and end support for Israel;
  • Criticise UK austerity measures and their effects on public services and workers; call for a general strike and the establishment of a workers’ government and socialist economy.

Images: The Worker’s Party of Great Britain’s parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith & Chiswick Raj Gill (right) with George Galloway (left), TWPGB logo

Raj Gill – Worker’s Party of Great Britain

The fourth on the ballot paper is Raj Gill who is standing for George Galloway ‘s Worker’s Party of Great Britain which fashions itself as left-wing, but is a socially conservative, socialist party.

George Galloway has positioned the party as a direct challenger to the Labour Party, and said he was putting Keir Starmer “on notice” after he was elected to be the MP for Rochdale earlier this year on a ticket opposing Israel’s war in Gaza.

Galloway is hoping to scoop up former Labour voters who are disaffected with Starmer’s leadership and people who are horrified at the ongoing war, which United Nations experts have condemned as genocidal.

Raj Gill, a veteran trade-unionist, is the Worker’s Party’s candidate for Hammersmith & Chiswick. He says that his background speaks for itself, having been a “tireless defender of working class people” for his entire life and consistently speaking out for the people of Palestine.

Read his interview here: Hammersmith & Chiswick parliamentary candidate: Worker’s Party of Great Britain

Images: Reform UK’s parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith & Chiswick Louise Petano Heathcote, Reform UK logo

Louise Heathcote – Reform UK

The fifth on the ballot paper is Louise Heathcote, who is standing for Nigel Farage’s far-right party Reform UK.

Next to Labour, Reform UK have turned into one of the Conservative Party’s biggest headaches in this election. Some polls are putting Reform on 15% nationwide, numbers which could result in splitting the right-wing vote significantly in some constituencies while ushering in MPs in others.

Reform’s manifesto pledges include cutting migration to net zero, scrapping the goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions and cutting significant amounts of tax.

Reform’s candidate for Hammersmith & Chiswick, Louise Heathcote, has a background is in asset management and counts among her clients the Qatari regime, having worked directly with the Prime Minister of Qatar.

Louse says both the Conservatives and Labour have oversaw a “significant decline” in the quality of life for people living in Hammersmith in Chiswick. She says Reform are the only party offering “significant reforms” to remedy this.

Read her interview here: Hammersmith & Chiswick parliamentary candidate: Reform UK

Images: The Liberal Democrats’ candidate for Hammersmith & Chiswick Eraj Rostaqi; Liberal Democrats logo

Eraj Rostaqi – Liberal Democrats

Sixth on the ballot paper is Eraj Rostaqi for the Liberal Democrat. Eraj says he is passionate about liberal democratic principles and is a firm believer in fostering a more fair and inclusive society.

The Liberal Democrat manifesto has some radical commitments. Some include: building 380,000 new homes per year – with 150,000 of those being social housing, introducing a sewage tax on water company profits, 90% of clean power by 2030. rejoining the European single market and taxing tech giants “properly”.

Some polling has put the Liberal Democrats on course to become the official Opposition in the House of Commons, nudging out a Conservative party still beleaguered by scandals and tarnished by 14 years in power. Labour are set to win a super-majority, if polls are to be believed. But is this good for democracy? Eraj says no, adds that the more Liberal Democrats elected to hold an incoming Labour government to account, the better.

Read his interview here: Hammersmith & Chiswick parliamentary candidate: Liberal Democrats

Images: The Green Party’s Parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith & Chiswick Naranee Ruthra-Rajan, Green Party logo

Naranee Ruthra-Rajan – The Green Party

Seventh on the ballot paper is Naranee Ruthra-Rajan, the Green Party’s candidate. Naranee’s career has spanned education and the arts, which she says at their best encourage critical thinking and creativity which helps to inspire hope for a better future. She currently works for a charity supporting young people.

The Greens have promised billions of pounds in extra funding for the UK’s beleaguered public services. While their spending pledges dwarf those of the other parties, the party says it is necessary after decades of mismanagement under successive Tory and Labour governments.

Unsurprisingly environmental issues are front and centre in most aspects of the Green manifesto. Big issues like nationalisation of public services and local issues like help for businesses and reducing congestion in Chiswick are all tied together with the singular goal: preventing the worst impacts of climate change by achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Read her interview here: Hammersmith & Chiswick parliamentary candidate: The Green Party

Images: The Labour Party’s Parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith & Chiswick Andy Slaughter, Labour Party logo

Andy Slaughter – The Labour Party

Last on the ballot paper will be one of west London’s longest-serving representatives, the former Labour MP for Hammersmith, Andy Slaughter.

If the polls are to be believed, Andy will be a shoe-in with a predicted super-majority for the Labour Party, led by Sir Keir Starmer. But Andy has inherited three wards from Chiswick, which in 2022 elected eight Conservative councillors out of a total of nine, meaning this time round it might be more of a challenge.

Not one to stick to the party line regardless of his own views, Andy has been  sacked from the Shadow Cabinet twice. The first was over his position on Brexit under Jeremy Corbyn (he supported the UK remaining a member of the EU’s single market) and the second was over Palestine under Keir Starmer (Andy voted for the SNP’s ceasefire motion – undermining the Labour leadership’s position).

Among Labour’s manifesto pledges are securing 40,000 more NHS appointments for patients and reducing waiting lists, growing the economy to increase living standards and building 300,000 new homes per year. Other issues Andy is concerned about include Hammersmith Bridge, Charing Cross hospital and Thames Water dumping raw sewage into our rivers and waterways.

Read his interview here: Hammersmith & Chiswick parliamentary candidate: The Labour Party

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