Who needs Ottolenghi?

The Israeli-British chef Yottam Ottolenghi is often credited with introducing us properly to vegetables, bringing out the best in them and putting them front and centre whether they’re to be eaten on their own or with meat. We’re lucky that his deli is nearby in Notting Hill, but really you don’t have to go even that far to experience a fusion of colourful, healthy, tasty vegetable dishes with unorthodox combinations to delight the palate. The vegetable revolution has come to Chiswick.

Chateau proprietor Anette Megyaszai

‘Chateau Dessert’ is becoming just ‘Chateau’ in recognition that people want fresh, healthy, tasty options. Owner Anette Megyaszai, who since 2013 has sold the most amazing cakes and pastries in her corner café opposite the police station, has refurbished the premises and refreshed the menu over the last year. She’s also just renewed the lease for another 15 years, so with businesses folding left, right and centre on the High Rd, we know she’s here to stay.

‘People who live in Chiswick appreciate good food’ she says. It’s a less transient population than central London, so people are more discerning. ‘They know their food and they don’t want to pay over the odds for it’. They have been telling her that they don’t want to lose the cakes, but they do want a range of interesting savoury dishes as well and her Lebanese head chef Jimmy has definitely risen to the challenge.

20% off brunch or lunch for Club Card holders

The good news for us is that Chateau is offering club card holders 20% off their lunch and brunch menu – 8.00am – 4.00pm seven days a week. The discount is valid for soft drinks as well when ordered with food, but not for alcohol and not for food that is taken away.
Naturally I had to try it on your behalf.