Who should be the next leader of the Labour party?

Ruth Cadbury, MP for Brentford & Isleworth, would like your thoughts on the subject.

Should it be Keir Starmer, who came to Hounslow to support Ruth’s election campaign and has been endorsed this week by Ken Livingstone?

Should it be Jess Phillips, who announced on Jan 1:

“I’ve woken up with an absolute cob on about the people who get to make decisions about our lives. 2020 starts with fire in my belly and I promise that won’t change”.

Will the Labour party be remade in Jeremy Corbyn’s image with Rebecca Long-Bailey as his successor?

Or one of the other candidates jockeying for position?

Ruth Cadbury would like to hear what you think.

She gives us her thoughts on the parliamentary year ahead, the challenges and her ambitions for 2020 in her guest blog on The Chiswick Calendar website. Read her guest blog here.

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