Wing mirror graveyard

Have you noticed how many wing mirrors or bits thereof are strewn about the entrance to the raised section of the A316 at Hogarth roundabout? There is always a pile of them highlighting the failure of drivers to judge the width of their vehicle as the road narrows to a single lane.

Years ago I was giving a teenager a lift along this stretch of road. As I confidently negotiated the entrance (without incident) he wryly observed that his mother, a well known local doctor married to a commercial airline pilot and former fighter pilot, always put her foot down at this point just to prove she too was no slouch at spatial awareness. 

I now can’t go over that flyover without thinking of Top Gun. You can imagine their conversations at the breakfast table:

Iceman: “You can be my wingman any time.”

Maverick: “Bull—-! You can be mine.”

But there are an awful lot of Chiswick residents you really wouldn’t want as your wingman!